Monday, March 8, 2010

Manic Monday

Since this is the first of many "Manic Monday" posts, I guess I should explain it's purpose. So here's the deal ... when I want something, I really want it bad. I obsess over it. I drool over pictures and specs of it online. I whine about and hate on the usually high price of said item. But sometimes what I want is not very expensive. Sometimes what I want is so expensive that I have no hope of ever actually possessing the darn thing, and sometimes what I want has no price at all but more of a spiritual or "quality-of-life" sort of value. This week, here are some of the things I REALLY REALLY want ...

This is a Canon. Duh. But it isn't just a Canon ... It's the very beautiful and user-friendly and simple but highly capable Canon sx20 is. It is wonderful. It can do pretty high-res photos, it can do hd video, it can do hd video and high-res photos at the same time, you can capture photos from videos you have taken, the display turns around so that you can take photos of yourself while actually able to see what you're doing. I like that flash pops up because I just think it's cool, and I also like that the flash can be changed out for a more professional, more powerful, sold-separately flash. It felt really good in my hands during all the thousands of times that I went to play with it and drool on it at Best Buy, not too light and toy-ish, not too heavy and oh-my-god-I-hope-I-don't-drop-this. It has AMAZING zoom that allows you to zoom WAY WAY in without losing significant photo resolution, lots of different modes for photography and videography alike, plus editing options within the camera for both. It also has additional options included with the external computer software.

This is the laptop that I have drooled over for a very long time now. It is lovely and sweet and very portable because it's small. It's cute which is perfect for me, and it does lots of really great things like the way I could turn the screen around and lay it flat and voila! I would then have a very tidy little touchscreen tablet pc which would also be pretty convenient for easy photo-editing, drawing, writing with the handwriting software it comes with, or playing farmville which I love. This laptop is beyond perfect for all of my lap-topping needs and because it has only a 12.1" screen, it offers portability to me that I really love. It would be light enough to just carry (since the top-notch battery I'd want in it wouldn't have be plugged in all the time), and small enough to fit into ... say ... a diaper bag. It is also very pretty, you can check out more pics of it here.

And finally, I really really REALLY REALLY ... How many "really's" can I type here without being ridiculous? I really want to have all this waiting and counting down to get married done and over with so that my guy and our kids and I can move on to the next step in our lives. Plus I wanna see this on Private Ryan really REALLY bad ... because ACU's are totally hot and I'm betting I'll think he's really hot in them.

So that's it, my first Manic Monday, and a little insight to my heart's desires at the moment. I can't wait to shop around in the next week and try to find some other things I'd like to have, see, or do. Maybe I'll post about places I want to see, things I want to do with my kiddos, or personal goals I have for myself. But in the meantime, this is a good start, three things I've been craving for a long time ... a great computer that isn't retardo like the one I'm using right now, a great camera that is professional quality without the professional hassle of a DSLR, and a man who finally knows where he's going and what he wants ... at least for the next six years.