Thursday, March 11, 2010

My First Product Review (I Think)

This is the Graco NasalClear Battery Operated Aspirator and it is awesome. Let me clarify that I did not get one of these for free in exchange for reviewing, and blahblahblah. We bought it because Piglet has an ear infection and LOTS of nasal congestion. We are still giving her her allergy meds as prescribed and we have also added Benadryl with the pharmacist's blessing. It isn't helping. So we needed to clear the nasty nose that was keeping our baby from proper breathing, nursing, eating, sleeping ...

This thing is rather disgusting because there is a little snot cup that catches what gets sucked out ... and it's clear. Yuck. But we have decided to keep it in spite of the gag factor and continue using it because other than the noise being a little disconcerting for Piglet, she seems to not mind this as much as the traditional bulb sucker because it is much faster and for us, more efficient. We have only used it a few times today and already she is not turning her head so vehemently when she hears the buzz that she knows is the aspirator. This is good, as it is very icky to suck snot from a kid who is fighting hard and rubbing the yuck all over both of you in the process.

However, it is also quite icky to clean the snot cup ... then again, if you have small sons, you may want to call them in to watch! All in all though, I like this little gadget ... it's convenient, easy to carry along, easy to use, easy to dismantle for cleaning. It also has two little tips so that it can be versatile ... you can choose the tip that is most appropriate for your little one's nostril size and shape. I doubt this is the very best, most professional review ... but if you want a real mom's opinion on how best to get snot out of your baby, this aspirator is it.