Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Turn

I still don't know why my little bitty woke up so upset last night, and I'm still lost as to why Teenybop decided to stay up most of last night, but today it was my turn to be sick. When Piglet woke up this morning I was exhausted which is normal but I also had this HORRIBLE PAIN in the right side of my back. This is pretty normal these days too ... in the past week I've been to the emergency room twice for urinary/kidney infections. So I knew what the pain was, I took some Tylenol while I was dealing with the baby, and I gritted my teeth through the pain while I rocked her back to sleep.

When she was finally out again, it gave me time to realize how really bad I was feeling, aside from the pain I was viciously nauseated and felt like I was freezing to death even though the baby in my arms was drenched in sweat. I managed to get her on the couch by basically laying down right on top of her and then veeeerrrryyyyy sllllooooowwwllllllyyyyy backing away, and then I sat back and checked the clock. How long had it been since I took the Tylenol? Long enough, I decided, and took one of the pain pills they gave me at the emergency room last time I was there. It didn't help at all either. It was a 7.5 mg Vicodin ... and it didn't help. At all. Finally, I threw up from the pain.

So we pack up and back to the ER we go. Another IV full of fluids and antibiotics later, the doctor agreed with me that I do, in fact, have a kidney infection. He had already had to give me two doses of morphine in my IV for the pain that was so bad that I was literally rocking and crying. The pain was even with or possibly worse than the day I had Kathy Bates (from the movie Misery) as my nurse after Piglet's C-Section birth.

Now I am home and have already put Piglet to bed twice in the past hour. I feel so nauseated that I have actually tried to throw up several times just to feel better even for a little while ... and ironically, as ill as I'm feeling, I can't throw up. I'm exhausted and I feel so cold it's like I've spent an hour or so in a refrigerator.

What will tonight be like? Will my little one sleep, therefore allowing me to sleep also? Will the nausea go away? I hope so ...