Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tiny Talk Tuesday

The other day I was able to get Piglet to sleep in long enough that I could make scrambled eggs for Teenybop and myself. As we ate, she kept saying over and over, "Please Mom, can't I have the recipe for this?"

To which I replied, "You just crack some eggs in a bowl, and make sure you don't get any shells in. Then you put a frying pan on the stove to get hot, with just a little bit of oil in it so the eggs don't stick. Then while the pan is getting hot, you get a fork and mix up the eggs so all the yolks are broken, but don't spill. I like to add salt and pepper to mine, and sometimes I like to put a little milk in to make them extra fluffy. My friend's mom used to use a little vanilla and that was good, too ..."

During this time, she stared at me very seriously, not even eating anymore because she was paying such close attention. I continued, "After it's all mixed, you pour the eggs in, and mix 'em a little till they aren't wet anymore."

She answered, "I'm totally gonna make that when I grow up, but I hope I don't forget the recipe. Can you write it down?"

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