Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Good Vs. Evil

One of the strangest things about me is that I can't find a new blog and just start reading. I have to go back to the beginning and really get to know the person who is writing the blog, find out why they started blogging, and why they still do it. I can't just jump in where we are in the present day ... it'd be like opening a novel in the middle (or even toward the end) and expecting to "get" what the book is about. So I've got two blogs that I'm currently reading, a mother and her daughter. I found the daughter first, and she is hilarious as she recounts the antics of her three children. The mother's posts are often beautiful photographs of her many travels, sometimes with a memory attached and sometimes without. Her stories are interesting when she is writing of her travels alone, or recounting her memories, and they are funny when she talks about family things, especially her grandchildren.

This particular post by the mother made me think, as it fits into the Twilight craze I seem to be caught up in besides the application of the good vs. evil theme in itself. She had gone to a theater showing of Dracula, and talked a bit about the show, the talent, and how proud she was of her sister who was actually in the show and apparently did a great job. There was a quote from the director of the show, and I am going to quote it here as well, hopefully the Gypsy won't mind ... It said:

"We can find both good and evil in our world quite easily if we go looking. But when evil finds us, we don't always recognize it because it can present itself with incredible beauty. Often, we gather it to us and embrace its deliciousness as we dare not acknowledge the truth that whispers in our ear. For then we would have to ask ourselves, "Is this who and what I really am and want to be?" The journey that the cast, crew, and I journeyed as we delved into Dracula's world has reminded me that we all make choices every moment of our lives that can have profound consequences. We are seldom random victims. Do 'wrong' choices mean we are evil? Do 'right' ones mean we are not? I want to believe the human soul will always eventually turn to the light of love, faith, and redemption."

The funny thing is, I found that a day or so ago, and I let it sit so I could think it over ... figure out exactly what it was that I wanted to say about the quote. But sitting here now, when I can type it all out, my mind is a jumble and all I can think of is how beautiful that quote was, how eloquent. I found it thought-provoking when I discovered it, and I find it thought-provoking still ... if only I could catch one of those thoughts and leave it here to look back on later.