Monday, March 29, 2010

Random Thoughts

-- Today was a great day. We spent it with my mom, but even that was nice today. Teenybop was well-behaved, Piglet was happy and actually took a decent nap without fighting or having a meltdown, and Private Ryan was totally on the ball. Didn't feel good, but not bad enough to ruin the day. All in all, a good one.

-- Today I was checking my blog feed reader and found this post about a marine who was killed 14 March, serving in Afghanistan. While I was reading the post, my heart went out to his wife and daughter, but as I looked more closely I saw that the fallen Marine's wife is a blogger, as well. She writes A Little Pink In A World Of Camo, and she wrote about how proud she was of her husband here. As I read the first post, and then the post the wife wrote, I couldn't help thinking, "Oh my goodness, I've been to that site!" It's on my list of blogs to catch up on and read ... And I feel an ache for her loss, and a sadness for her baby daughter who grow up without ever really knowing her father ... but I feel a new fear too. My Private Ryan leaves in just a few weeks ... and while his job is one of the "safest", we both know that there isn't really any safety at wartime for a man in the Armed Forces. Still, we move on and trust in God to care for our family. I pray that He will also be watching over this grieving widow and her daughter as they move through this part of their life, as they find a new home and a new way to live, without their Marine.

-- One of the other blogs that I read does this cool photography thing called PhotoHunt that has a new topic every so often and you have to take (or find?) and post a photo that "fits" into the topic. I'm thinking of getting in on this, as it will encourage me to take out my camera again before my skills get rusty while I wait for my new camera. I have to admit, falling love with the new camera that I want so badly has completely ruined the love I once had for my current camera.

-- Why does it bother me so much when I am reading blog posts and I find comments from the blogger's husbands? I know why it bothers me ... but what to do about it?