Monday, March 29, 2010

Manic Monday

The past few weeks I have wanted things I knew that I couldn't achieve. Right now I know that I myself cannot find justice for my cousin's son. I cannot restore his living arrangements with his mother the way he has said he would prefer things to be. I cannot take him in myself as I have nowhere to put him, and I cannot force the judge on the case to work harder for this little boy who is slipping through the cracks. I also know that I cannot have the dog I want so bad. I can't go pick one out, I can't bring him home. I can't.

But those things I can still hope for. I can hope for a better life for my cousin's little boy. I can hope that he is someday able to find a peaceful existence where he will be safe and loved the way he should be, where he will have the chance to be a child and not a pawn used by one parent to "get to" the other. I can also hope that there is a dog in my future ... perhaps even my near future, as in maybe within the next year or two. This I hope for very much, to come in the door and let my puppy out to run, to walk him with my children in the evenings after dinner the way my father and I would often walk his dog when I was younger.

This week I am still hoping for things that I can't achieve right now, things that I know I will most likely possess before the end of the year ... but things I would so love to possess right now. I still desperately want my camera, and I'm thinking I will have it perhaps by the end of the year. I can't wait to take Christmas photos with it, videos of my children growing and playing together ... I am anxious to learn all it's nuances, the features I don't already know about, and just be able to experiment with it's settings and different modes. I want to play with the pictures it takes, I can't wait to sit down and edit them just to see what I can come up with. It will be fun changing backdrops in the photos it will produce since they will be such great quality photographs. I can't wait to get together with my best friend and her family, to photograph our children together, the next generation. They are close in age ... I hope they are able to become friends the way she and I have, supporting each other through so many of life's happenings.

Still want my awesome laptop, too, since the one we have SUCKS. I want to play with the different touch-screen features, the voice recognition, the handwriting recognition ... I just want to use a computer that does what I want for a change and not this one that does what it wants, when it wants. I am thinking my techie Private Ryan has tweaked our present laptop a bit more than it should have been, and I will limit his tweaking of my new laptop when I get it so that it will do what it is meant to do without a bunch of useless things mobbing the processor and stopping it from obeying my commands. Anyway, every my browser stops responding just when I am trying to get something done, I am reminded of how much I ache to head to Best Buy and pick up this little gem of a computer.

I also want an iPhone 3gs. The phone that I have is actually a pretty good one, able to surf the net decently and also play mp3's. It plays videos and has a tv application that is affordable and completely handy when one or both of my children drive me crazy. It is a quick distraction, and among other channels I get the most important two ... Disney and Nickelodeon. Perfect. It is able to download and play java games which is cool for Teenybop as she likes to play Bejeweled and also for me since I enjoy Sudoku, though I haven't played it since I got my DSi which is easier to see. My phone is a good one ... but the iPhone ... I want an iPhone. It can record video just as my current phone can ... but it can also edit the video which I find fascinating. I can cut some off the end if I recorded something too far, or I can cut off the beginning if I happened to push the record button too soon. It can also sync to my computer which will save me the trouble of transporting data back and forth by actually keeping track of my USB cord. I find the voice control and the compass features to be lovely and convenient though I'm not sure how often I will find myself searching for North on the compass. I do love the spotlight search feature though, and I also love the way it displays text messaging conversationally so that I don't have to check inbox-then-outbox-then-inbox to remember what is being said if I get some obscure message that seems to make no sense. I love that it has a feature for remote wiping the information in the phone should it be lost or stolen, and I really love the fact that whatever I need, there's an app for that.

Another thing I'm really craving some time with is the Microsoft Courier. This handy gadget is so new that it hasn't even been released yet. In fact, I don't even know if there is a released release date yet. How's that for new? You can find a little more information about it here, but really the main reason I want this little baby is to use it as an e-book reader. I know there's the Sony Reader Digital Book, the Bookeen Cybook Opus, the Amazon Kindle, and I'm sure lots of others ... But this Courier? It will feel more like a book. It folds together, so I can hold it open like a book which means I can be greener by buying digital without losing the feel of a book. It also digitally turns pages, just like a real book ... sortof. It can also be used for journaling, so I can use it for things I wouldn't put here. It most likely has some sort of calendar, so it becomes a full-scale date-book/journal, with the added benefit of keeping me in books. Plus, it's totally compact, so I can carry TONS of books without the weight of carrying so many actual books, nor would I have to carry a huge purse or bag to keep up with them. Sounds good to me, especially since I am often reading several books at once. The only issue? What about when I'm done with the books? To save money, I usually sell the books that I don't want to keep at the local used bookstore, which is also where I do most of my book shopping. In a digital format, I'd be spending lots more on books than I do now, and what would I do with the books I would typically re-sell? If there were a market for that kind of thing ... then this little toy would be that much more perfect. In the meantime? I'd love it purely for the space-saving factor. I've got so many books that I literally have them stacked all over our apartment. Being able to store the digital format on the Courier and get rid of the paper forms would help me out a lot. Perfect. And I could carry most of my library with me!