Thursday, April 22, 2010


Yesterday I wrote about being excited, and I have written before that I am often full of many different emotions, all swirling around in my head like some kind of tornado ... somehow both chaotic and organized simultaneously.

Another of the emotions caught in the whirlwind of the tornado these days is irritation over seemingly little things.

I am annoyed when I check my feed reader and find that another blogger has set their blog up so that the feed only shows the first paragraph. Since my feed reader is part of the browser on my phone, this often means that I have to wait till later and hope that I remember to check the actual blog when I have time on the computer. Sometimes I forget and it is annoying. When I go to read, I shouldn't be getting a teaser that forces me to jump through hoops, I just wanted to read the blog and absorb the information. It should be a pleasure, not a job. Then again, every other blog isn't my blog, they don't have to follow my rules. I don't have to read, right? Often, I end up sadly unsubscribing from the feed to avoid having extra hassle in my life.

I am annoyed when my mother tries to convince me that smoking is not unhealthy, and then gets exasperated with me when I insist that it is and that I don't want my children around it. She is also convinced that it doesn't make her reek of stale smoke even though Teenybop is always telling her after she smokes, "Grandma your breath smells yucky." She thinks I am training my daughter to say that. I just feel like, fine, okay, it's your right to slowly kill yourself and also constantly keep yourself in the poor house because of your smoking habit. However, it is not something that my children should be exposed to, if not because it is unhealthy, then simply because I am their mother and that is my preference. Also, I went to health class, I paid attention, and I saw the "smoking Susie" doll that still blows smoke ten minutes after her last drag. I saw the build-up in her clear lungs, and I lost both my grandfathers to lung cancer. There is no way in hell you can convince me that smoking isn't bad for your health. But here's the thing ... if you want to keep doing it knowing that it's bad for you, then go ahead. That's up to you. But don't be ignorant and put your head in the sand and ignore the fact that it's killing you and the people around you. Also, the smell is offensive, and it's just rude. That's like me walking around with anthrax sprinkled on my clothes, dusting it off everywhere as I walk and saying, "Oh, well, you have to die from something, right? It's my anthrax, I can carry around if I want to. Besides, it's not really bad for you anyway, that's just something people say." Right.