Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Today my daughter got her Easter card from my dad. She was so happy to have mail that was hers, and she was excited to open it herself. She tried to read it to herself, but when she hit a hard word (granddaughter) she asked for help and then moved on ... She shouted when she opened the card and found a five dollar bill, and her joy was contagious. This child on a good day can find joy in the simplest things ... And when she went to her money spot to put her five dollars away, she instantly without hesitation rolled up the whole five and stuffed in with her church donation. She could have put it in the savings part, she could have put it in the investing part where she is saving up for her very first stock. She could have fed it into her little ATM machine for later spending. But she chose to give every bit of her money to God, and I am so proud of her. This child on a good day has the most giving spirit of anyone I know, willing to give up so much in order to help others. It's days like this when I feel reassured that she is growing up right and that it will all be okay in spite of what ADHD has taken from her. Days like this that I thank God for hearing when I am pleading for His help, for guiding my daughter silently when all my words mean nothing to her.

She is a great sister, always willing to help with ten-month-old Piglet, even asking questions about changing diapers and offering to feed Piglet for me. I haven't taken her up on those offers, but it touches me to see how much she adores her baby sister. I hope they are always as close as they are now, with Teenybop the loving protector and Piglet the beaming admirer. It warms my heart to watch them play together, to see how easy it is for Teenybop to interact with her baby sister in spite of their many differences (both age and personality). She makes that baby laugh like no one else can ...

My oldest daughter is beautiful, blue-eyed, and brave; she is brilliant, bold, and bouncy. Her energy lifts me up even as it wear me down, and she makes my heart glad with her bear hugs and sweet grin. Every day isn't a happy one with Teenybop ... but there is never a day that I'd rather go without her. She is my daughter, my flesh and blood, my tiny little friend, and one of my two favorite little people.