Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock

The time is counting down and getting more and more short. As it slips away, I can hear the perpetual clock ticking in the background. This is our last night together, he isn't even gone yet and I miss him already. Going to bed tonight will be bittersweet; one last night. I have restarted my countdown because I couldn't stand watching the hours get so short ... now instead of counting down the time we have left, it is counting down the time until his training is finished and he might get leave to come home. I feel almost frenzied, knowing he is leaving ... there is so much left that needs to be done tomorrow before he is gone and I am terrified we will forget something. Having so much to do has worked in our favor so far though ... it has kept us busy enough to be distracted. But nights are hard, thinking of him leaving, and I dread the drive home after seeing his final swearing-in and seeing him off. Driving home alone, me and my girls, knowing that he won't be there again for so long.