Monday, April 12, 2010

Manic Monday

I have had a change of heart. For as long as I can remember, I have really wanted to get this laptop because it is awesome. It has tons of really cool features, and it has the really really cool twisty monitor that transforms it from a traditional laptop into an uber-cool touchscreen tablet pc. But today I played with a Mac for the first time. And I liked it. Private Ryan has been begging me to convert to the Mac side of the computer world for a long time, and I think he finally won. I will still ache for the coolness of the twisty monitor ... but I love the versatility of the MacBook, too. I love the apps, I love the syncing with other gadgets, I love the dependability of Apple products. I love the cheaper OS and other software programs. So finally, after Private Ryan worked hard to convert me, I admit it. I'm an Apple girl.

This Monday, I want a MacBook Pro with Aperture pre-installed for my photo hobbies and because I'd still like to get into the world of professional photography someday. Having the right equipment can make or break my chances to do that, and the MacBook Pro is strong and dependable while still being portable and versatile. Aperture is a great program from what I hear, and I'd also like to get whatever the newest PhotoShop is whenever I go shopping for it. I love PhotoShop, it rocks.

I also really really want an iPad. THEY ARE AWESOME! I played with one of those, too, and they are just the coolest! I don't even have the proper words for how cool I think the iPad is. I love that the iBooks interface looks like a bookshelf, and when you tap the book you want (it's touchscreen only), it flies off the shelf and opens up for you. It also remembers where you left off when you last read that book, and when you choose it from your bookshelf, it flies open to the page you were reading last time. There is a little link at the top of the iPad that takes you automatically back to the table of contents, also. And should you accidentally delete a book that you have purchased, you can re-download it from the iBookstore free of charge. You can rearrange the books on your shelf as well which is great for somewhat OCD uber-organized people like me. It even has a page-turning animation when you flick your finger across the screen! It is also good for net-surfing and other computer-y things. It has an address book and a nifty thing when you go to look at the pictures you've stored. If you touch the folder you think you want to open with two fingers and then rapidly spread your fingers, it flings open the folder to display the photos. Much more dramatic than simply tapping, which is another option.Also, if you open your fingers slower, you get a little mini-preview of what's in the folder. It renders images really fast too, which is great for me because I am not a very patient type person and I despise waiting for a computer to do what I have instructed it to do. But in all the time I spent playing with this great little "toy", I found only one thing that it lacks ... the fold-ability of the Microsoft Courier, which I no longer want. Because I haven't seen the Courier for real, don't know when it's coming out, or even if it's ever coming out. I also have no idea what it will cost, or if it will be as sucky a venture as Windows Vista was. So I've had yet another change of heart, moving me further into the Apple world. I really, really, really want an iPad.

And I guess for good measure I will go ahead and complete the transformation ... I am still dying for an iPhone. I am no longer a PC. I am firmly ... and maybe irrevocably ... a Mac.