Saturday, May 8, 2010


I posted two blog series' ("Spiritual Warfare" here and "Gratitude" here) around this time last year that came to mind today when I read something about vision boards, based on the concept of The Law of Attraction. I thought the idea of a vision board was really great, a way to stay focused and moving forward toward certain goals. Then I read more about the law of attraction, and at first I was a little ... intimidated ... well, that's not really the word I want, but it is close to what I mean, and the word I really want eludes me. So I will elaborate ...

I have written here before about my testimony as a Christian, and though it needs to be rewritten and updated, it tells a lot of my story which I feel is relevant here. When I was a teenager I got into a rebellion from God and began to research other beliefs, beliefs that differed greatly from what I had been taught. Nothing felt right until Wicca, and I suppose the only reason it felt right was because in Wicca, you pretty much write your own "religion". I could even keep Jesus ... Sort of. It is based on the idea that you can manipulate the world into giving you what you want ... and I do still believe some of those basic tenets, albeit with a Christian spin. Let me explain.

I believe that what you wear and what you smell like can influence the people around you. Certain colors and certain smells tend to have certain affects on people. How to use this concept is something you study often in Wicca. It is much like the idea of finding your own "power" color for your wardrobe, or the concept of aromatherapy. But the main idea is that you can get what you want by attracting it to you using "spells" and "talismans", things like that. I'm simplifying quite a bit here, but you get the point. This is in agreement with the Law of Attraction.

But so is Christian prayer. When we as Christians spend time talking to God, it is nearly impossible as humans for us to not tell Him about what we want. The Bible teaches us that God knows our hearts, he knows the prayers we don't have words for, and He knows that desires of our hearts even before we utter the words. Prayer agrees with the Law of Attraction too ... because it is a conscious thought about something that your heart desires, and it is a visual reminder of what you want which will, in essence, keep your heart praying silently for these things until you receive them.

A vision board is made in the future tense, as if you have already accomplished whatever it is that you want, and that is the Law of Attraction part ... Fake It Till You Make It. You are consciously telling yourself that you have already become or achieved these goals, and I think that part of why this works is that by thinking of a goal as if you have already achieved it, you remove the stress from it, and then going through the motions to achieve the goal simply becomes second nature.

I didn't end up making an actual board ... I would feel ridiculous going out to buy an old-school poster board and gluing magazine cutouts to it like a high-school kid completing some miserable project I've been assigned. I realize that something like this would be best for some people, the visual aspect can be both appealing and relaxing in the creation. But for me? What I really need more than magazine pictures and a collage that I have no room for anyway, is the list of affirmations that are commonly found on other vision boards. I have decided to post mine here instead, and I will also print them out to keep with me.

I believe that keeping them close to me will serve not only as a reminder for me to work to achieve these goals, and also as a reminder for me to pray for God's help as I work toward them. Some of them are little changes in attitude, trying to change my perspective on things and see things differently. But others are more tangible, the home I long to live in instead of an apartment (but I do appreciate that I have a place to live). The garden I want to have but can't because my apartment is even too small to allow for a potted garden. The body I want which will take lots of time and surely lots of prayer to achieve.

So without further ado ...
  • Faith -- "I share a close personal relationship with my God who provides all my needs and has loved me since before I existed. I feel free and comfortable with Him and I am able to hear Him as easily as I speak to Him. My faith is strong and unwavering."
  • Family -- "My family is close-knit and we communicate well with each other. The love we share is obvious not just to us, but to those around us, and it protects us from outside influences and enemies."
  • Romance -- "I am loved and appreciated by a warrior who is strong and still able to be tender. He is masculine and still able to be romantic. And I appreciate him as well."
  • Parenting -- "I am a patient and peaceful mother to my daughters. We share close relationships with each other and are open and honest with each other."
  • Confidence -- "I am beautiful. My body is my temple, and I am comfortable in it because I recognize its unique qualities and its amazing beauty. I am seductive and confident."
  • Health And Fitness -- "My body is strong and able to accomplish whatever I need to do. I am healthy and capable, free of illness and the effects of too much everyday stress."
  • Brain Power -- "My mind is sharp and focused. I am able to think quickly and decisively, able to solve problems and think outside the box, but still able to turn inward and think deeper thoughts."
  • Finances -- "I have enough money to meet the needs of my family, and we are also able to donate to charity and enjoy family activities and vacations. Our family has ample savings and we are financially prepared for the future."
  • Travel -- "I enjoy new adventures and can see the possibilities in change. I am enjoying my chances to travel and see the world that I live in, enjoying the beautiful places to be seen."
  • Home -- "My home is beautiful, well-decorated to my tastes and I am happy and peaceful in it. I love that it has enough room for everyone, and has all the amenities (dishwasher, laundry appliances) that make us comfortable as humans. It is a true home, both large and cozy with an extra room for a playroom for the kids, and also a garage for a playroom for the man. It will also have a great yard for the children and dogs to play in, a great place for company and celebrating."
  • Garden -- "My garden is both productive and beautiful. It is well organized and organic, producing healthy food for my table, and it is relaxing to work in. It is not taken over by bugs and parasites, but is growing rapidly without trouble."
  • Driving -- "I enjoy a vehicle that is both reliable and attractive to my personal tastes. It is comfortable and has enough storage to keep from being crowded. It has great gas mileage and it is affordable. It is also well personalized so that I can feel that it is mine."
  • General Life -- "I am happy and content with my life. I am satisfied and peaceful. My life is balanced and there is a quiet absence of chaos."

 Mahatma Ghandi: "You must BE the change you want to see in the world."