Saturday, May 22, 2010

Dear Me

Lately I've been catching up on this blog. At one point, Missy wrote a letter to herself, to her younger self. She dispensed wisdom to her younger self, and then invited other bloggers who are mothers of older children to join her and write letters to themselves as mothers of younger children. You can find "cliff notes" and a link to the original posting here. This also lead me to read another blogger's series of letters to herself which began here, I think, and continued here, here, and I think it ended here.

I love the idea of writing a letter to myself, remembering where I was in that chapter of my life. Thinking about how things have changed in order to be able to advise myself. But even more, I love the idea of writing several letters to my different selves, exploring all the different people I have been as I have grown and changed from a girl to a woman and now into a mother.

So I'm going to write my own letters. I'm sure it will be an interesting ride.