Friday, May 14, 2010

Working On It

When I first wrote about making it a bigger point to be more patient in my life, I thought a lot about how to make that new level of patience in my life a reality. I looked up strategies for calming, and I have implemented some of them. I have begun to practice deep breathing techniques during periods of stress, and I have begun also to teach them to my child who also have short fuses. I created a list of positive affirmations that I read every morning and every night. They remind me ... they keep me conscious of what I want in my life. They remind me that it's okay to want certain things to occur in my life, and that it's perfectly fine to bring them to a God who loves me and desires to hear the desires of my heart. I have also begun to create a positive affirmation list for Teenybop, something to remind her of the positives in her life because she has a tendency to be pessimistic.

So far, it's working. The mood in our apartment is much calmer, the chaos level is down even during the most chaotic parts of our day. Teenybop is more calm, and when she is out-of-control, I am more calm and able to handle it patiently. Piglet is enjoying the lower stress level as well, as she tends to be laid-back and prefer things to be calm and quiet.

Teenybop and I have also taken up yoga and though we are both beginners, we find it both relaxing and energizing. I'm sure this is something that will become a bigger part of our lives as time goes on. I can't help but wonder what else is to come into our lives during this effort to teach patience to myself and my children ... what else we will learn, and how well the lessons will be applied.

But as always, life is a wild ride and God takes us where he wants us to go. Sometimes we cause a little detour when we don't do what we're supposed to do, but nonetheless, we're going to get there. I have to make a stronger effort to remember the fact that I'm just a passenger on the trip, I have to try not to create so many detours so that I can concentrate on letting the journey go where it should. And all I really need to do is buckle up, and pay attention to the driver.

And right now, he tells me, "No, we're not there yet. Relax. Be patient."