Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tiny Talk Tuesday

So I have been waiting anxiously for Teenybop so start spewing hilarity the way she used to ... but she has very rarely spoken and hilarious gems anymore. She is becoming a rather serious child for the most part, and when she does say funny things, I often forget them in the busy-ness of our life these days.

Like last year at Christmas-time when we were putting up our Christmas tree, and she was allowed to help put some of the less fragile or less valuable decorations on the tree. There was a ball that she kept trying to put on the tree, but the hook wasn't bent very well and it kept falling off, allowing the ball to fall to the floor. So she kept picking it up and putting it back on, but after about three tries, she gave it to me and asked me to do it, saying, "I guess I'm just not a very good hooker." Thank God for that!

However, I do occasionally remember some of the gems from during the week, so here are the ones I remember ...


Sitting in the car one night eating McDonald's together while Piglet slept in the back (we saved hers for at home) and we waited for the rain to stop ...

I keep Purrell sanitizing wipes in the glove box of my car, and Teenybop was chattering on about how she likes to use them to clean her hands because after she eats her hands have germs on them and she doesn't like germs on her hands because germs can spread and make people sick so she really, really like to use a purrell wipe on her hands to get the germs off so that the germs don't spread and -

In an effort to stop the endless chatter that at that point had been going on ALL DAY, I broke in and said, "Oh my. I wonder how people get by back in the old days when there was no soap?" Because I have always been frustrated at the way our children are taught to be squeaky clean at all times ... and yet our children are the ones who get sick all the time. Because they stay too clean, too germ-free, too anti-microbial, and I believe that it weakens their immunity to germs. My daughter never got sick the way she has now that she is in school learning about washing her hands more than any other activity in the day. How come they don't brush teeth anymore? Now that one I could get behind.

But I digress ... Her response to my wondering about before there was soap made me feel old, but it also made me laugh so hard that I woke Piglet up from her nap in the backseat. My Teenybop thought for a moment, then held her hands out and looked down at them. Then she turned her blue eyes up to me and said, "I guess they had to use conditioner."


Another day, we were watching the 90's channel on our cables Music Choice options. "Ice Ice Baby" came on. She was jammin' with it, trying to keep up with the rap and figure out the lyrics at the same time (thank goodness she couldn't) and I laughed, saying, "I used to listen to that song when I was about your age."

To which she replied, "Wow. That guy singing must be really old then." Dudes, I'm 26. How is it that I feel so ancient when she says stuff like that?