Thursday, August 19, 2010

He's Baaa-aaa-aaack!

So I am officially angry at the Army. I am FURIOUS at the Army. Why? Because the people who run the Army (at least, the ones who run it where Private Ryan was) are. Absolutely. Stupid. And they have screwed my family. That pisses me off.

A lot.

Private Ryan's training was put on hold because his job category is being re-organized and the Army didn't want to train him for a job and then have to re-train him when the job was finally "organized". While he was on hold, he was approached and given an offer, that he could change his MOS (army job title) and agree to a new contract. The new job would have been such a blessing to us, a promotion, more money, great opportunities. However ...

HE WAS NOT PRE-QUALIFIED. He was warned that there was a chance that he would not qualify for the new job and would then be discharged, but he was also reassured several times that the chances of being discharged from the Army would be VERY slim. So we moved ahead.Once the new contract was signed and the process was begun, we got excited. We made plans, we researched ...

And then he was discharged. He was sent home. So that's it, no income for our family, and he is back to hunting for a civilian job in an economy where jobs are nearly impossible to find. He is planning to go back, to reenlist as soon as possible, but we don't know yet exactly how soon that will be. It could be any length of time from right now, to six months from now.

I am so mad though. We had plans, dammit. We had moved into a new phase, and now we are back to the getting-enlisted-hurry-up-and-wait. And it sucks.

** For the moment, Private Ryan will continue to be "Private" Ryan on this blog,
because there is no point in changing it just to change it back when he reenlists.