Friday, August 27, 2010

How Much Is Too Much?

How much can one girl whine about how much certain things suck?

I'm tired of whining. I'm tired. I'm sick, and tired.
So here's the breakdown ... of what could soon be an actual breakdown.
At this point, I might even relish the padded walls, the constant hug of the straight-jacket, and the sweet little doctors with their sweet little cups of happy pills.
Because really, how much can one person take?

  • My guy was sent home from the Army because they are morons who can't get organized and my first grader might be able to run things more logically than the Army sometimes. This left my family with no income, hunting for jobs in an economy where there aren't many jobs to be had.
  • My car keeps breaking down. So even if one of us got hired somewhere, we can't get to work.
  • My younger brother is acting like a chump. I'm unbelievably disappointed in what he has done lately, and the record now forever attached to his name, that he will never be able to escape from.
  • I'm not even comfortable enough here to write about everything, because certain members of Private Ryan's family may or may not check this blog ... and the last thing they need is more reasons to think that I am unworthy of their "boy". I guess all the things I have been through because of their "boy" don't matter ... I grew up poor so I must be a worthless loser, right? And it's all me? I was even specifically asked not to blog or talk about the business with my brother, because if certain members of Private Ryan's family fell while trying to get up on their holier-than-thou high horses, it would be tragic.
  • A friend of mine from church has been in the hospital with her second grade son all week because his leg suddenly seem paralyzed. He has been diagnosed with guillain-barre syndrome. This is a rare disorder, and possibly fatal if the paralysis reaches the boy's respiratory system. We were due to go visit him today with Teenybop (they were in the same church class), but may be canceling that trip because of the car situation. It breaks my heart to think of this boy just hanging out in a hospital bed all day, and his parents are terrified of losing him.
  • All my closest friends are too far away to come give me hugs, and the one really good friend I have that is local can't hug me lots because he's a guy.
  • And last but not least, we are currently awaiting test results. My mother may or may not have cancer. In multiple places throughout her body.