Thursday, August 26, 2010

An Open Letter To Tyson Foods, Inc.

Dear Tyson Foods,

You suck. Seriously.

I used to always buy your more expensive chicken because it tasted better than the store brand, because it was better cut, and because it was ... well, because it was "name brand". But over the past months, I have found myself increasingly disappointed in the quality of your product. I stopped buying my beloved boneless skinless chicken breasts because I was sick of meat that had thick veins and gristle all in it. And I mean all. In. It. Not like around the edges where I could just carve it off myself even though I bought it specifically so that it would already be carved. I mean nasty junk all in the middles of the breasts so that more chicken went in the trash than in the bellies. Like you had a generation of sick chickens with tough nasty breasts would have made great little pets but definitely made CRAPPY food.

So when I stopped buying chicken breasts from you and started buying them from other brands, I did start buying the chicken tenders from you. My family likes a lot of chicken. We eat it A LOT. But this is getting ridiculous. The last several bags of chicken tenders I bought from you? They sucked. They are full of gristle. The have veins in them. And they have tendons still attached to the meat. Tendons. Ew.

Let me ask you a question that you can forward to your hiring department.

"What makes you feel like kindergarten children should be working in your factory? Why do you think that they are appropriate employees for such a large corporation? And do you not think it would be smarter to hire people who could be trained to properly carve a freaking chicken?"

Because I am seriously beginning to believe that my first grader could be trained to carve better chicken. She would at least know to cut the yucky parts off.

Maybe you don't mind losing loyal customers like me, but I am definitely sick and tired of paying extra money for "name brand" when the brand name might as well be "Crap Chicken" instead of "Tyson Foods".

Thanks for nothing,