Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Randomness That Is Me

Today my facebook status has said;

  • Today's Word of Advice? "Never PRETEND to be what you don't INTEND to be. And when you get caught PRETENDING, don't be surprised when no one is impressed."
  • A Conundrum. Why is it that people will tell you all day long how much they care about you and how important you are or always have been to them ... but when you wanna talk about it to fix the wiring and spackle the cracks, then all they want is to talk meaningless small talk about kids/weather/work? "If you loved me at all, you'd care enough to want to talk about it."
  • And A Note To My Children: "When you were born and I first held you, my heart tripped over itself as I fell in love. I took a vow that day to love you in spite of everything, to cherish you as you grow into womanhood, and to teach you values of life, love, and a God who gives you both unconditionally. I promised to put you first in my life and that I would give anything and make any sacrifice for your well-being. Someday you will be all grown up and you will see those sacrifices glaring out of the past as we transform from mother-daughter to friend-friend. And I hope that by then I have done my job as your mother so that you will want me for your friend."