Wednesday, April 18, 2007

He made me breakfast!!!

I posted yesterday about my first attempt at bread-making. Well, the bread was good, and it was edible, but it was wrong. It wasn't fluffy like bread, it was a little heavy ... more like biscuits. So I mentioned that last night to Fiance while we were critiquing my effort to see what we thought had gone wrong, and how I might be able to fix it in the future.

Apparently he was doing something very odd ... listening. This morning, I woke up as he was coming in the door from work, which is unusual, but I was too afraid to get out of bed. The hallway right in front of my bedroom door creaks a little, and that just happens to be right across from Tennybop's doorway also. I didn't want to wake her early because it makes her very "unpleasant" to say the least, so I stayed in bed and waited for Fiance to come to bed which is his habit in the morning. When he gets home, that's our best talk time, there in the morning while we wait for Teenybop to get up, and then he's off to bed and I'm up for the day.

He didn't come. And then I heard some banging around in the kitchen. Nothing big, just the noises of someone trying to be silent and unable to succeed while moving dishes around. I figured he might be emptying the dish-drainer thing of the clean dishes from last night, but the noise kept up, and he didn't come to see me. So I got curious, but still stayed in bed because Teenybop still wasn't up yet.

Finally he still wasn't there, but I was getting really thirsty and my bladder was SCREAMING at me to get out of bed. So I got up and hobbled to the kitchen (my legs are always very stiff and sore in the mornings), where I found him FRYING SAUSAGE!!! Very bad for the new food plan, but since I rarely indulge, I did today.

We took my bread (some of it) and broke up into bits, then he made gravy to go with the sausage, and we served it over my Hand-Made Bread!!! Yeah!!!

So he made me breakfast!! How cool, I never have that happen!!!