Saturday, September 27, 2008

Making Sure I Win

A few days ago I wrote about the concept that we should only compare ourselves to ourselves. The funny thing is, the inspiration for that post didn't come from anything especially inspiring. Just a short comment on an old post in someone else's archives. But it stood out for me as if it had been typed in 100 point font, bold and underlined.

Maybe God was reminding me that I don't have to win the imaginary competitions that I sometimes find myself in. Am I as pretty as she is? I wish I were as thin as that girl ... I wish I had more money, that things were easier. That I was a better person, more fun, maybe smarter ... Maybe God was also reminding me that in times of stress, we tend to worry so much about external things that we forget to take care of ourselves. We shower, we eat, sleep, function ... But that's all.

And it's not good enough. Most people feel better when they go the extra mile and take the extra effort to properly care for themselves. I know I do, and I'm going to start taking more time to pamper myself. Time to rub my feet with lotion. Time to file them smooth and work away the calluses my feet are so prone to developing. Time for hot oil in my hair. Time to pluck my eyebrows and really shave my legs! Time to exfoliate, moisturize, and maybe even try something new, like skin brushing!

Now before you go telling me how wrong it would be to abandon Fiance and Teenybop in order to accomplish all this, I should mention that it will be a step-by-step effort. Every so often I'll post on my progress and maybe there will be some sort of photo here and there. This also includes efforts to get my body in better shape (additional to what I've been doing), so there will likely be posts about my fitness regimen and efforts to detoxify my body from the poisons found in things like processed foods. Aside from the possibility of finally losing some weight from all this, I'm just really looking forward to finding out what benefits this concept will have on my energy levels, stamina, moods, appetites and thought processes.