Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Dear Little Ten-Year-Old Girl

Part One

Dear Little Ten-Year-Old Girl,
I am writing you from the future ... You see, I am you. You have dealt with a lot of changes in your life in the past years. You have had a lot of hard times that the children around you cannot even imagine. You have seen ugly things and have felt real terror. You have witnessed such ugliness in some of the people around you that you have given up a cherished dream because of lost hope. You have known people more troubled than you, some of whom were also younger than you. But you are strong for having come through the challenges. There are so many more challenges to come in the coming year ... But you will come through, for there is One who is watching over your life and though you have not met Him yet I assure you, He is there. Someday He will make Himself known, and you will finally feel secure the way you have always wanted to. Finally, you will trust in God and He will be your strength in the hardest of times.

Hold onto the good things in your life right now, and look toward the future. Things do get better, and your life will not always be chaos. As you approach your teenage years, don't try to grow up too fast, and when you again encounter The Boy ... the one I mentioned in the last letter ... don't blow it. If you do, you will always regret it, because you will have broken two hearts, both his and yours. Neither of you will ever be the same.

In spite of all this, I am writing you this letter to offer you hope. In the coming fall, you will begin fifth grade. During the school year, you will face more challenges. But you will come through, because although you have shed so many tears over leaving your old school and your best friend, you will be surprised to find her attending your new school as she is also experiencing many changes in her own life. You will support each other, you will have your first fight, and through it all you will be forever bonded. Appreciate this girl even in the fights, for she will counsel you later as you will counsel her. And after all that you have been through, you already know that good friends, true friends are hard to find. In the years to come, don't forget to have fun, but also remember to be kind. Be good, be wise, and be safe.

I'll Be Seeing You,
Brandi (you/me/us)