Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Dear Little Fifteen-Year Old Girl

Part One
Part Two

Dear Little Fifteen-Year-Old Girl,
By this time you've had so many big changes in your life. You have found love only to throw it away foolishly, and it could have been the big one. I hate to say this, but that one will haunt you forever. By this time you have lost your best friend, only to regain her. Brace yourself, when you move to Tennessee within the next year, the process of losing her again will begin. But have heart, you will reunite and in many ways it will be as if the separation had never happened.

When you move, store up as much happiness as you can find in your heart, because you will need it to get you through some of the worst heartbreaks ever as you try to build a new life so far from the life you have always known. You will have such excitement ... You will go to prom with a boy the other girls envy, you will have a good job and you will meet a decent guy.

You are in for a real ride in the next several years, so here is my advice to you.
  • Don't forget to make friends with guys too. They will often be the best friends you have, because men are far more transparent and as friends, they will not lie to you the way girl friends will. Besides, they are people too, and they can lend perspective in certain situations where you might need a guy point of view.
  • Be confident in yourself. Yes, you are a heavy girl, and no, you are not the all-American blonde cheerleader. But you are worth a lot more than you think you are, and you can accomplish a lot if you would try harder. Someday you will meet someone who thinks the world of you, would die for you, and He will bless you beyond recognition once you find your way to Him. You will find a Father, a God who loves you and will treasure you in spite of the things you will do in your lifetime. You are beautiful in so many ways, and you have a beautiful heart. I won't say you have a beautiful face because I know that will offend you even though your face is actually quite nice. Just try to stop being so hung up on what you don't look like, and notice just how great you do look. In ten years you'll beg God to bring you back to the youth you have now and the body you will have in about two more years.
  • You may have had your heart broken so many times and in so many ways by so many people, but remember that all people and all men are not created equal. Don't forget to treat them all fairly and never fault one for the actions of another.
Above all, remember to be respectful and have a good time. And Spring Break '01? Fun. So fun.

I'll Be Seeing You,
Brandi (you/me/us)